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BEWARE OF SCAM-Annual Records Solicitation Form

Once again, a green envelope is being mailed out with the front of the envelope saying “Important, Annual Records Solicitation Form”. THIS IS A SCAM.  DO NOT FILE OR SUBMIT PAYMENT.  We contacted the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office last year regarding this form and this was their response…
“It did not come from the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office. We have received a number of inquiries regarding this form and will be issuing a press release to warn businesses about the mailing.Corporate Records Service is not registered, affiliated or in any way associated with this office, and Kentucky law does not require you to file an “annual minutes form.” These forms have surfaced in a number of other states, and based on all information available to us, we believe the request to be a scam and advise all recipients to exercise caution before providing any information or payment to this entity (or any other entity sending misleading requests)”
Feel free to contact our office with any other questions or concerns.