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As part of our team you’ll work in a dynamic, supportive, team-based environment with a lot of client interaction, rewards, challenges and constant learning. We will provide you with access to the latest products, services, information and career development opportunities to ensure you can continue to grow professionally and add value to your clients. 

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Tax Manager
Anneken Huey & Moser, PLLC has a unique opportunity for an individual to assist us in final review of business and individual tax returns during tax busy season (January 15- April 30) and again (August 15-October 15). We can work with you as far as working less than an entire day (i.e. 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M.) or less than 5 days a week or not working weekends. There may also be opportunities to work remotely or non-traditional hours. However, to be successful a minimum of 35 hours will be necessary.

You: 8+ years current experience in public accounting tax, preferably with a regional or smaller CPA firm; a CPA; the desire to work a part time seasonal schedule. You must have significant experience in preparing, but especially reviewing business and individual income tax returns and the accounting records underlying the business tax returns. You should also be able to research tax issues and explain results to clients; respond to tax notices and meet with clients as necessary.

Us: We offer a position with a well-established local accounting firm. We have a great flexible working atmosphere, a great team to work with and an interesting diverse group of clients. 

What will make you successful?

A high degree of technical tax knowledge is essential, along with good relations and communication with clients. Just as important, you must be able to establish a close, positive working relationship with our team members and be able to pass along needed changes/corrections to reviewed tax returns in a constructive and helpful manner.

This position is a great fit for an energetic performer who loves public accounting and taxes, but who is does not desire to continue their career full-time.

Please send a cover letter describing how you meet our needs as described above, qualitatively why you are the right person for this position and desired compensation package.

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